Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jet Lag Notes

Got back to Indy Friday at 5:00. Felt good until jet lag hit me Saturday around noon. Dragging myself around since then. Go back to work tomorrow.
Trip was good in many ways. Here are some points that will get elaborated when my mind returns.
  • Indians are a people (in contrast to Americans) who have little margin in their lives and do not value it. I see this in their housing and traffic patterns, to name two things.
  • Rajesh Paul has a great vision for raising the bar for medical care in his part of India. He is demonstrating the grace and truth of Jesus.
  • God can answer prayer to get a bus unstuck.
  • Riding down India's roads is a great lesson on placing faith in the one driving.
  • Hindu cremation service across the road from the mission station.
  • 3+ hour Christian worship service at which I learned that morning that I would be preaching.
  • "Forgive me for irritating you [God] as I forgive those who irritate me."
  • Opening a wedding with prayer, nearly 1000 guests. Serving communion to the bride and groom.
  • "What's your name?" Kids wanting to connect. Me deciding how much I want to connect.
  • Someone said that I resemble Daniel Vittori (New Zealand Cricket Team Captain) -- I checked. Not even on a good day!

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Jeremy said...

Sounds like you had a rewarding trip. Look forward to hearing the elaborated version. :)

...Totally Daniel Vettori. I bet he hears all the time that he looks like you. ;)