Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Divine Reinforcement

I recommend the book "The Artist's Way" for all those who want to unleash the creative person God made them to be. On one of its pages the point is that once you give yourself permission to be creative, the universe will cooperate with you. This doesn't mean that everything will be easy but that if you step out in all seriousness, we will find divine reinforcement.

It happened to me twice today.

First I met a friend of mine who recently had his ministry ended abruptly two months ago. When he paged me to talk I expected him to be discouraged and wanting to dump some sadness. Instead I found a man who was exploring the creative experience of making framed 3D photos. He has started marketing them. Just talking with him pumped me up toward my own artistry. Check out his Youtube video at

Next, I was visiting some long-time Christian friends at my hospital where I serve as chaplain. As the visit ended, we had prayer. The wife made a point to ask God's blessing on my writing. We had not talked about my interest in writing for a long time. God is faithful to support what he kindles in us!

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