Friday, March 4, 2011

Slumdogged Again

On my way home from work I saw that the Greenfield Blockbuster store is going out of business. I had been wanting a copy of Slumdog Millionaire -- the movie produced in India that won the Academy Award for best picture in 2009. I saw it in the theater two days before I went to India on a mission trip with people from my hospital.

Little did I know but destiny was at work.

I found the film for $9.99 and was prepared to buy it when a salesperson told me that if I signed up for a trial online subscription (at no cost to me) I could have the movie for free. What did you do the last time life made you an offer like that? Me too.

Spoiler Alert! Do not read any further if you haven't seen the movie.


I'm about to reveal something.

Last chance.

OK, here goes.

I like the movie, not just for its happy ending, but for how Jamal's life had prepared him for he crucial moment when all things changed. Experience gave him the clues that served him well when life leveled its questions on him.

But he needed more.

He developed and honest and caring character that kept him from taking what looked like an easy path, but was actually a deception set to ruin him.

But he needed more.

He had a brother who sacrificed himself so he could live in peace.

But he needed more.

In his moment of utter helplessness he got lucky or God blessed or it became his destiny.

I wonder if a successful life comes down to paying attention, making the right friends, doing the right thing, and believing that Someone who knows us and loves us will never be late.

Jamal made no plans to make a great person of himself. His brother chose that path, but in the end he needed redemption (and found it).

Destiny -- it's what you make of it and its what life makes of you.

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