Friday, March 22, 2013

The Greatest Golfer Ever

The Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America, and the Story of GolfThe Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America, and the Story of Golf by Mark Frost

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The best part about this book was the insight into Bobby Jones' high character and how he was a man of his times.  The author did a good job introducing many famous persons from golfing history and describing the world of early 20th century golf, professional and amateur.  He could have saved a lot of pages by reducing the "blow by blow" accounts of the rounds Jones played.  By the time I got to the accounts of the four major tournaments Jones won in 1930, I had become so tired of descriptions of ball flights and such that I skimmed them over.  The closing chapters on Jones' life after golf and his poignant physical decline were well written and detailed enough.  Considering the equipment Jones played with and how consistently well he struck the ball under pressure against great competition, I think there is no choice to declare him the greatest golfer who ever played the game.

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