Friday, September 30, 2016

A Reward for Persistence

Why won't this dream of writing (and having more than just my wife read my stuff) go away?  Why do I still subscribe to Writer's Digest?  Why do I buy second-hand memoirs of writers?  Why, when I'm at a yard sale, the first thing I look for is books?  Why is my image of retirement full of writing projects that I have come up with but now finally will have the time and energy to tackle?  I can tell that writing is a part of me because when I finally sit down and do it something happens.  The page fills and the words flow.  I even enjoy it when I'm editing the first surge of text that hits the page.

But I have a brisket that needs to be grilled for tomorrow's company, sweet potatoes that need digging from the garden, and a head cold that needs a good night's sleep.

"There's always tomorrow," I tell myself.  But every time I believe and act on those words, another Today slips away.  Another dozen brain cell die never to be resurrected.  Another T cell caps off and my life gets that much shorter.  Another good memory doesn't get made.

"Make the most of the time, because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16).  Time dissipates before we know it.  The energy inherent in each moment is easily stolen by intruding urgencies.

I believe there is lasting power in written words, whether or not anyone around me reads them;  whether or not the world changes because of them (or much less pays me for them).  The real change happens in me as I encounter new places and people that did not exist before and I echo the sentiments of Another who could have done an infinite number of other things with Himself -- "It is very good."

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Diana McLane said...

This! I often feel this way. A great article!